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January 28, 2016
The gloves tend to be offThe gloves tend to be off

The rush to stand call at the mailbox, plus advances in mail technology, has led some entrepreneurs to think about bigger mailers. But they are they worth it? Two professionals analyze choices.


VP of business solutions, contemporary Postcard
two decades of direct advertising knowledge

Yes. Oversized postcards can be efficient in business-to-consumer, business-to-business and nonprofit advertising and marketing. Although postcards may never change envelope bundles in many markets, oversized postcards do have several advantages over smaller postcards and envelope plans in many cases.

Oversized postcards will get noticed more on your kitchen dining table and desktop in the house of the receiver. You cannot get a response in the event that piece does not get read also it don't get look over unless it gets noticed. Size does matter. Aided by the right visual treatment, a more substantial card is more prone to get selected from pile of mail. Use plenty of shade and can include a strong aesthetic component to your pieces to further emphasize the large, strong nature associated with larger post card.

Another advantage could be the extra area accessible to convey the message. While smaller postcards may be beneficial to a really short and concise advantages statement, offer and call to action, they cannot offer much area for more complex communications. Oversize or multipanel postcards supply the essential room to communicate just about anything. It is specifically essential for entrepreneurs who've numerous provides or services and products.

Bigger postcard messages can help you save over time since you can provide a number of provides at the same time. Cannot overdo it and attempt to cram not related provides on one postcard. The piece should always be designed with your customers in your mind — the excess room is ways to grab their attention and tell a richer tale of a brandname and an offer.


Board chair, Promotional Items Associaton Int'l.; SVP, Bankers Advertising Business
27 years of promotion/advertising knowledge

No. While oversized postcard mailings can be very effective, they truly are not anymore efficient than just about any other mailing. Because of their dimensions, oversized mailers usually stand out, but I think a well-defined message and an innovative image is what really ensures the prosperity of any mailer - together with same holds true the large size postcards. A far better incentive to activate consumers along with your item is the addition of a promotional item with a mailer. Research has revealed your addition of a promotional product makes a difference in direct mail reaction rates.

Relating to a research by Silver advertising Group, the usage marketing services and products as a bonus for reaction makes four times as much reactions as a mailer alone. Including advertising services and products is way better carried out in an envelope to make sure that the item is not damaged in distribution. When your manager staff has already been ready to accept spending some extra cash in order to shine from the group, then consider including in additional weight of a trial product with a coupon versus changing how big is your mailer. Above eye-catching, frequently a promotional item is something consumers will actually use.

I believe occasionally we get preoccupied aided by the size of a mailing, finally forgetting other aspects that can help make a mailing effective. I think, determining the size of a postcard or any other mailing should only be the initial step to creating a successful piece, maybe not the deciding factor.


To be able to certainly shine, you should be special among your peers. Therefore before deciding on bigger postcards or free gift inclusions, make sure you know your marketplace. In the event that extra spend will likely make you stand out on the list of crowd, either alternative can lead to greater reaction and product sales.

Direct Mail Solutions at KD Mailing & Fulfillment
Direct Mail Solutions at KD Mailing & Fulfillment
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