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December 23, 2015
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Some consumers would like to receive less advertising mail at home. The Mail Preference Service (MPS) is designed to assist those consumers in decreasing the amount of national non-profit or commercial mail they receive at home. This section will tell you how to use MPS.

The Mail Preference Service (MPS) is a consumer service sponsored by The Direct Marketing Association (The DMA). Established in 1917, The DMA is the oldest and largest national trade association serving the direct marketing field.

You may register with the MPS name-removal file online or by mailing your name, home address and signature in a letter. Registration is good for five years.

Use our online registration form.

You must register your name and address with MPS directly; third party requests cannot be processed.

When you register with MPS, your name is placed on a "delete" file which is made available to companies four times a year - January, April, July, and October. Registrants typically notice a decrease in the amount of advertising mail approximately three months after their names are entered into the file.No. You will continue to receive mail from companies with which you do business and from charitable or commercial organizations which do not choose to use MPS. In addition, you may continue to receive mail from many local merchants, professional and alumni associations, political candidates and mail addressed to "occupant" or "resident."No. Name removal through MPS is general in nature. You may reduce the solicitations you receive from a specific company by writing directly to that company and asking to be put on the company's in-house suppress file.If you've ordered from a catalog, contributed to a charity, used a credit card, or have a magazine subscription, your name probably appears on various marketing lists. Direct marketers rent these lists of names if they think their product or service would appeal to the people on those lists.

For more information about how mailing lists are compiled, send a stamped, self-addressed #10 size envelope for the consumer booklet, OPENING THE DOOR TO OPPORTUNITY, to: Consumer Services - Opening the Door, Direct Marketing Association, 1111 19th Street, NW - Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036.

The U. S. Postal Service maintains a list of people who do not want SOA mail coming to their home, and provides the list to companies that mail such promotions. Contact your local Post Office and ask for Form 2150 to stop mail from a particular company, or Form 1500.The DMA doesn't have lists or give names to any marketing company except to remove the names of consumers who want less mail. DMA cannot take your name off XYZ Company's list - only that company can. Ask the XYZ Company to place your name on the company's in-house suppress file so that it will not send any further mail to you.Why am I still getting mail addressed to my ex-spouse when that person has never lived at this address?
In the past, your name and your ex-spouse's name were at the same address. It is quite common that when your address changed, your ex-spouse's name was included with that change. Your ex-spouse probably receives mail addressed to you, as well.

You may wish to contact the company sending mail to your ex-spouse at your address and ask to have that name and address added to the company's in-house suppress file. You may also wish to check with the three major credit reporting agencies [Equifax, Experian and Trans Union] and any other companies with which you do business to be sure your ex-spouse's name is no longer part of your current credit or business record.

Yes. When you place an order or make a donation, write or ask the company not to rent your name to other companies or organizations.If you receive advertising mail at work from companies that also send advertising mail to your home address, let the company know you are receiving duplicate catalogs or promotions and tell them which is the correct address to send mail and which address to delete.

Mail of a business-to-business nature received at your business address will not be affected by registration with MPS. Business names and addresses are not placed on the file, and companies which send mail of a business-to-business nature do not use the consumer file.

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