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July 8, 2016
Direct Mail, Unaddressed

Neighbourhood Mail™ solution is present with or without an understanding.

Neighbourhood Mail is one of Canada Post’s targeted direct mail services. It contains imprinted and non-printed matter such as for example product samples that are not addressed to specific distribution details in Canada. Items needs to be unaddressed but may bear wording, including: HOUSEHOLDER, OCCUPANT, RESIDENT, COMPANY OWNER, ADVERTISING MANAGER, PURCHASING MANAGER or BOXHOLDER without having any further address.

Our Neighbourhood Mail service provides marketing communications to more than 15.7 million mailboxes offered by Canada article. Neighbourhood Mail provides geographical, demographic and lifestyle information to target mailings to neighbourhoods or localities having the greatest possible audience – without a customer database.

The influence of a Neighbourhood Mail item is defined by the four Rs – them is obtained, look over, recalled and responded to. Neighbourhood Mail enables build consumer traffic, develop commitment advertising and marketing with groups of consumers, or market a particular offer. Consumers can easily measure the effectiveness of these campaign by including a company answer Mail™ card.

Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail service sets the effectiveness of direct mail to the fingers of any advertiser. Through its vast distribution system, Canada article can obtain the mail received, read, recalled and responded to by even more Canadians.

How To Locate More Details

Canada article has created a client Guide to provide customers detail by detail information necessary to make the most of Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail service. Visit canadapost.ca/generalterms to view the qualifications for terms and conditions under which this service is provided.

Source: www.canadapost.ca
Allegra + U - Unaddressed Admail™
Allegra + U - Unaddressed Admail™
Unaddressed Admail - Bundles
Unaddressed Admail - Bundles
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