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October 8, 2016
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I take advantage of Microsoft workplace 2003 small company with Windows XP expert back at my Dell laptop computer. Since I was regarding the East Coast, lots of my associates have ZIP codes you start with 0. We have an Excel database of brands and details with one line for ZIP rules. The cells in this line tend to be formatted as ZIP codes so the leading zero seems. When I do a mail merge to printing envelopes utilizing the postal club signal included, the key zeros vanish and I have an "Invalid ZIP rule" error message in place of the bar rule. In the event that leading number of the ZIP signal is other digit, the club signal prints okay. How do I fix this problem?

Richard Betz

Once you choose the ZIP signal format, it doesn't impact the data anyway. Instead, it simply informs Excel to pad the exhibited information with zeros on remaining, so it reveals five digits. Then when you employ the Excel file in a mail merge, Microsoft keyword grabs the data without regard for how Excel had formatted it. So you get too-short figures that don't operate in the postal bar signal.

In the place of simply formatting as ZIP, you can force the ZIP data into text structure by preceding it with a single-quote (') and explicitly going into the zero, similar to this: '01234. You might clearly choose Text format for such cells then go into the foremost zero.

If you can find really many of them, you may want to automate the conversion procedure. Let's assume the ZIP codes come in column A, starting in line 2. Insert a line B, provide the title ZipFix in cellular B1, and enter this formula in B2: =TEXT(A2, "00000"). Copy that formula all the way down line B. today utilize the ZipFix line once you merge details to envelopes.

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