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September 15, 2013
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As one of the most effective and least expensive marketing tools, postcards are a great product to use as part of your business correspondence.

Not only are they easy to hand out, but since they don’t need to be opened, every person you give or mail them to will see the message you want them to see.

Postcard Uses:

There are so many uses for a postcard!

  • Increase your sales with a direct-mail marketing campaign
  • Create excitement for upcoming promotions and sales
  • Showcase your services or products
  • Express thanks to your customers for their loyalty
  • Invite guests to an event
  • Increase publicity for your cause
  • Use as a business reply card
  • Notify others of a change of address
  • And much more!

4 Steps to Creating a Great Postcard

Follow these steps so you can get “print postcards” off of your to-do list and into the hands of your target audience.

  1. Decide on a size. We offer standard, panoramic, continental, jumbo, 1-panel, and 2-panel folded sizes.
  2. Choose your design. You can upload your own currently used design, browse our countless personal or business templates, or work one-on-one with our graphic design expert.
  3. Consider utilizing our direct mail marketing and tracking options such as mailing lists, variable print data, and ROI tracking.
  4. Pick up your professionally designed and printed postcards at our business center, have them shipped to your office, or have us mail them straight to your clientele’s mailboxes.

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