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June 24, 2017

When campaigns call for highly personalized print communications, we take the data-driven conversation all the way to the printed piece with variable data print (VDP) and print on demand (POD). With so many ways to put ink (or toner) on paper, navigating today’s complex and technically sophisticated printing industry requires uncommon expertise. DMS offers our clients convenient access to the best printers, the latest print and imaging technology, and every possible printing method and press configuration.

Our Midwest locations put us in the center of the most print capacity in the country, allowing us to source print more effectively and cost-efficiently than anyone else. We know where to go for what—and exactly how much it should cost. Whether it’s conventional sheet-fed, web, 8-color, silkscreen, letterpress, 4-color, or specialty, we’ll leverage our extensive relationships with over 100 printers nationwide to match the needs of your project to their equipment. We approve all of the print we buy and supervise every aspect of the process, from creative’s handoff to our finished product.

Our buyers know where to go to get envelopes, forms, or that special paper stock that makes all the difference, getting the most competitive pricing and fast delivery, with format alternatives and design options that can save you money. Our experienced print buyers know postal regulations and how to create successful mail packages, providing advice and ideas on how to design award-winning, control-beating solutions. We also offer print-on-demand capability, in-house or outsourced, to produce highly targeted and timely materials. By printing only as needed, waste and material obsolescence are reduced or eliminated, resulting in cost savings.

Now more than ever, we are aware of the impact of printing and printed materials on our environment. As DMA members, we subscribe to their environmental policy and work with our clients to develop print recommendations that are both cost-effective and kind to the planet.

OMSO DM55 6-Color UV Cup Printer
OMSO DM55 6-Color UV Cup Printer
Eddm Postcard Printing At Discounted Price : Free Download
Eddm Postcard Printing At Discounted Price : Free Download ...
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