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October 31, 2016
Ronald Witter - Posts

Postcards are a compact and versatile way of handing out your organization’s information. As an indispensible tool in a marketer’s arsenal, you need to find a reliable printing company to order postcard printing online to make sure that they come out exactly the way you want them to.

Postcard printing online is also an excellent way to save you money. By centralizing our facilities into a central location instead of having a store on every street corner, MGX Copy is able to print postcards in bulk. These wholesale savings are then passed onto you! So, make the budget-smart decision by getting your postcards printed online.

Why order postcard printing online from MGX Copy

When you order postcard printing online, you want your ordering experience to be simple and smooth. That is the quality of customer experience that we strive for here at MGX Copy. Every time you order at MGX Copy, you get assigned to a dedicated customer service rep so you receive one-on-one customer support. This is one of the personalization qualities that ensures you get the kind of smooth printing customer service that we are known for.

Print quality and color accuracy are two additional qualities that customers ordering postcard printing online are most concerned about. Our quality control processes begin with customer service and the prepress department. Every online postcard print order is tested by a combination of automated and personal file check. This makes sure your files pass all the pre-press requirements for quality printing.

Then, our quality process for postcard printing continues in the pressroom. Every digital press is operated under a color-management system. This makes sure our color output is consistent over time, and consistent with official color standards. MGX Copy’s color management policies ensure that you will get the most accurate color representation when you want to make sure your postcards are printed.

Then, our quality checking process for postcard printing online continues on in the bindery (cutting and coating) and shipping departments in production. Every postcard print project is passed through the eyes of a quality control inspector to make sure there were no digital errors (from file/computer/software glitches) or human errors in printing, cutting, and shipping.

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