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April 29, 2017
While postcard companies carry

Part 2 of a discussion with
James Blank,
America’s Many Prolific
Postcard Photographer

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Just how much do postcards pay?

About $50 to $100 per photos. Companies usually purchase in volume, say 6 or 12 at the same time, in order that’s $300 to $1, 200 a sale. When you aspect in travel expenses, postcards don’t pay a lot, nevertheless they cause various other company which does.

Which organizations purchase postcard photography?

There are 2 kinds of postcard companies: vendors and printers. Distributors are tiny, local businesses, dispersing cards to 1 town or area. Printers tend to be national organizations that offer ready-made postcards — detailed with photography — towards regional vendors.

Reveal about vendors

We call them up-and they’re constantly friendly and interested. I’ll sit down inside their office, set down my shots, and they’ll state “I’ll just take this 1 and also this one.” They even refer us to fellow suppliers various other regions. A San Diego writer including referred us to a publisher in Colorado.

There could be several postcard suppliers in a major city. an author in Philadelphia saw might work on a competitor’s rack and called me up to get some photographs. I usually insist upon a non-exclusive permit and so I can offer the exact same image to many companies.

Reveal about printers

For four years, we worked full time for printers.

We went all around the U.S. plus they taken care of helicopters, accommodations, flights, everything. The printers sent us to their many neighborhood vendors, that would provide me personally a summary of websites and a map, and I also shot what they required. Sometimes the publisher would surely even come-out beside me to show me personally the viewpoints they desired photographed.

That sounds enjoyable! Who have been the printers?

I became under agreement for just two many years with Dexter Press (formerly in western Nyack, nyc, today in Missouri) and another two years with H.S. Crocker business (later on Lawson Marden, in Southern bay area.)

I’ve in addition struggled to obtain The Postcard Factory (The Weisdorf number of businesses) in Canada; Mike Roberts Color manufacturing (no further in operation); Colourpicture; McGrew colors Graphics; John Hinde, Kina, and effect

I also worked full time for 2 diary companies, gorgeous The united states (Woodburn, Oregon) and LTA Publishing (Auburn, Indiana).

We work separately. I see all my favorite places and simply take postcard shots, offering all of them as stock photography.

How’s the stock company?

I always use twelve agencies, but they’ve all already been gobbled up by Getty and Corbis. FPG (a stock agency in ny) always pay myself $25, 000 a-year nevertheless now they’re section of Getty and It’s down seriously to $2, 000 — $3, 000 per year.

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