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August 5, 2017
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What can you suggest the post office won’t I would ike to send it that way? Virtually every day we understand this question from a customer. Because the post-office made mailing very difficult, there are many times that a design factor triggers a mailing going at a higher price of postage. This could be frustrating also costly. To help you keep away from possible problems here are some things to keep in mind when you are organizing a primary post promotion.

Let’s begin recently, with Postcards:

  1. Postcard size is 3.5 x 5 to 4.25 x 6, such a thing larger is known as to stay in the letter category.
    Get figure! The post-office stating that a 6 x9 postcard is not really a postcard, but a letter? Just who thinks about these rules?
  2. Paper stock should be a minimum of .007 thick, such a thing less isn't mailable if you do not place it in an envelope.
    In this instance, the rule tends to make feeling. If the paper is just too thin, the postal devices rip them up. Better to choose a thicker stock that won’t seem like somebody took a bite from the jawhorse before delivery.
  3. Keep your aspect ratio between 1.3 and 2.5. Being determine the aspect ratio, you begin by taking a look at the post panel, after that take the duration of the postcard and divide it because of the level.
    We're told your cause for this rule is device compatibility, once the postcard is short and long, it will not run-through the equipment precisely, causing jams and once again torn postcards. We don’t desire that!
  4. There are 2 choices for addressing a postcard:
    • Barcode within the target block—4×2 obvious location, no varnish, UV coating, text, or images for the address block. The block has to be at least .5 ins from the correct advantage and .625 ins from bottom advantage. The block can be no higher from the base of mailer than 3.5 inches. Lastly, the target must stay at a minimum distance from images or text of .125 inches.
    • Barcode obvious zone addressing—the barcode clear area may be the bottom 5/8 of the postcard and must be free from all shade, text and photos. Next the target block must be the absolute minimum 0.5 ins through the correct side and the least 0.625 ins from bottom edge. The block is no greater from the base associated with mailer than 3.5 ins. Lastly the address must continue to be at the very least distance from photos or text of .125 ins.
      These demands tend to be supposed to keep consitently the address within the OCR (Optical Character Reader) read part of the postal gear. Honestly, the current gear features more read location than this, but having the post office to improve rules within favor will not take place!
Postcard Collection
Postcard Collection
Mailing a Postcard from the Ben Franklin Post Office
Mailing a Postcard from the Ben Franklin Post Office
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Postcard Marketing/NWC
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