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December 6, 2016
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Recent studies reveal a fresh look at how direct mail is making an impact in today’s world. Contrary to previous perceptions, direct mail is a vibrant medium that’s here to stay. If you haven’t thought of direct mail in your advertising campaigns before, now is the time to take advantage of its benefits. Why is direct mail advertising still effective in our digital world? Here are four core reasons:

1. Direct mail advertising is a star at lead generation.

If you’re looking for more leads in your campaign, direct mail advertising is a winner. Studies reveal that direct mail responses increased 14% since 2004, whereas email responses declined 57%. Direct mail also has a unique longevity because it’s more likely to be kept and shared with others.

2. Direct mail creates awareness at a lower cost.

Did you know that the cost per order for direct mail advertising is less than paid search and email? That means when you choose direct mail over email, you’ll receive more reach in your ad dollars. Plus, direct mail drives consumer behavior – a reputed study revealed that 70% of people are still curious to see what’s in their mailboxes.

3. Direct mail refines your target audience.

Direct mail is very effective at niche marketing, which is important in today’s vast digital world. It gets your brand out in front of people and leaves a valuable impression that compels them to take action. According to latest findings, 80% of respondents remember the direct mail that was sent to them in the past four weeks.

4. Direct mail complements digital advertising in campaigns.

Direct mail’s natural talent at targeting narrow audiences makes it a great complement to the greater scope of ad campaigns. In fact, direct mail advertising is meant to work together with digital advertising rather than against it.

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