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July 24, 2017
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Junk Mail = Habitat Loss, Species Extinction and Climate Change

Every 41 pounds of junkmail destroys 36.6 square meters of natural habitat and creates 47.6 kilograms (105 Pounds) of CO2 emissions.

100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water were used to produce U.S. mail for just one year
In 2005 over 114 billion pieces of bulk advertising mail were sent out in the U.S. (a 15% increase from 2000)
The average adult spends 70 hours a year dealing with junk mail.

250, 000 homes could be heated for a single day's junkmail
The world's temperate forests absorb 2 billion tons of carbon annually to help keep the planet cool and healthy. These forests are needed to reduce climate change.
Junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 2.8 million cars.
55% of all paper fibers come from trees (17% of this is from old-growth forests).
23 million acres of forest area was lost worldwide between 1990 and 2000
representing about 35 percent of all harvested trees.
Habitat loss is one of the main causes of animal and plant extinction
An estimated 25% of the 5 million species on our planet are faced with extinction by 2050. Roughly 1 every 20 minutes becomes extinct at the current rate (Conservation International).
Recycling is great but it won't bring back an extinct species
44% of all U.S. mail is discarded unopened equaling 4 million tons of waste of paper per year. Only 32% is recycled.
Encourage others to stop junk mail via email or by creating a flyer and distributing it in your community. You may be able to set out copies for the public at your local libraries, booths at fairs or farmers' markets, and health food stores or restaurants. Also, ask at your local post office if you can leave them copies of the flyer for distribution to interested postal customers.

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