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May 20, 2016
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SQL Server Technical Article

Writer: Erik Veerman, Solid Quality Mentors

Technical Reviewer: Mark Theissen, Scotty Moran, Val Fontama

Summary: This paper provides an overview and guide to SQL Server® Fast Track Data Warehouse, a new set of reference architectures created for scale-up (SMP) SQL Server based data warehouse solutions. It includes a summary of the resources available in the reference configuration, the distinguishing features of the approach, and the steps necessary to take full advantage of the new architectures.

The performance and stability of any application solution—whether line of business, transactional, or business intelligence (BI)—hinges on the integration between solution design and hardware platform. Choosing the appropriate solution architecture—especially for BI solutions—requires balancing the application’s intended purpose and expected use with the hardware platform’s components. Poor planning, bad design, and misconfigured or improperly sized hardware often lead to ongoing, unnecessary spending and, even worse, unsuccessful projects.

This paper is a companion resource for Microsoft’s new SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse reference architectures, which provide tested, pre-configured architectures and architectural guidance for a BI solution’s database components and hardware systems. The Fast Track reference configuration resources provide planning tools, architectural decision guidance, best practices for design and tuning, specific hardware configurations from Dell and HP, and the tools needed to create a new reference configuration on any hardware platform.

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