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August 29, 2017
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Last month the US Postal Service changed their rules about bulk mailing. They're making it easier for marketers to reach mailboxes by easing restrictions, and allowing "simplified addressing" - it allows letters, flyers and parcels to reach every address on a delivery route, with or without an exact name or address written on it. The Wall Street Journal reported that the new rules are supposed to reduce overall costs for smaller businesses, since many of them have started switching to e-mail and online campaigns instead. Want to avoid more junk mail than ever from hitting your mailbox? Here's how to opt-out, and ideas for dealing with what junk mail makes it through the slot. There are several ways to opt-out of receiving junk mail, from Green Dimes to Global Stewards. Here is a list of seven different resources for reducing junk mail.

For the junk mail that makes it to your doorstep, there's a wide range of reuses for it, from pet bedding to packing material. You can even make new paper from it, if you're feeling extra crafty. Or, take a cue from artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold and create pop art-style masterpieces.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, "major credit-card firms mailed out 1.2 billion new card offers in the third quarter last year, up from just 391 million over the same period in 2009." If junk mail is making a come-back, it's time to strengthen your defenses against it.

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