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March 19, 2016
After opening up the cardboard

These scams include a fresh ATM card destined for you personally, or one you misplaced. Just like many scams, you may be asked to produce private information as well as the repayment of a tiny "holding" fee for your card.

Topic: Good Time

Delivered: FedEx Courier Company

Topic: Good Time

Good Day

I am glad to send you this e-mail to alert you regarding your ATM CARD which can be in our costudy for the previous couple of months.

We would like that recognize that the delivery charges is beeing compensated by the authorities and what you should do now is to contact us immediately so your delivery will commence towards home asap.

Observe that you will be to fund the safe keeping safety costs of ATM CARD that will be $85 Dollars just in order for instantly infect needs location for the distribution of one's ATM CARD .

Knowing you will not be able to pay money for the safe keeping of your ATM CARD kindly try not to react back again to this mail, plus ATM CARD will likely to be return back to the payment hq which you will be unable to obtain the ATM CARD once again.

Please we repeat myself once again that if you realize that you will not be able to buy the safe keeping of one's ATM CARD which can be $85 USD please we beg you never to react to this mail because it wont help.

Do fill these records and acquire back again to us ASP You got this message.

Recomfirm your mailing target. ===============================================

Full Name:.


Mailing Address:.

Personal Phone Number.



As soon as you are quite ready to make the payment associated with safe keeping of the ATM CARD {$85 USD} do write to us by sending united states your mailing address, therefore we are likely to send you the knowledge in which you will used in make the repayment the distribution, as soon as your payment being comfirm by our accountant officer, your ATM CARD will likely be delivered to you ASP.

Return for immediately delivery of ATM CARD .

========================================= =========================================

Thanks for your comprehension.


FedEx Courier Company

Bank Draft or Always Check Scam

The authors of those fraud e-mails usually pretend become a prior business connect or mysterious benefactor keeping an avowed check or bank draft inside name, often for a large amount of cash. What you need to do to claim it really is provide your personal information and spend a little cost. Numerous these types of cons make an effort to escalate to compromise of your banking account and/or check cashing fraudulence.

Subject: Dear Customer


Subject: Dear Client

Dear Buyer, Good time for you. We've been available to contact us for the Confirmable Package which registered with us for delivery of one's bundle to your domestic place. This can be to see you we are in possession of your Parcel (such as an avowed cheque worth of $500, 000.00 USD and other vital papers) that individuals facilitate the approval of the cheque in your nation, which will be to-be couriered to you personally.

It will be the typical practice of our organization to perform a proper confirmation of most Parkages we are to delivered, to make sure that they are valid. Be relax knowing your cheque happens to be confirmed good and true and delivery are made after you have meet the required requirements.

The bundle is subscribed with us for mailing by the on line Lottery Award Promo Board as advertised, in The united kingdomt, uk. Our company is sending you this email because your bundle is already been registered on a unique Order.

Contact 6: FedEx email scam
Contact 6: FedEx email scam
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CNN: Chris Christie compares immigrants to tracking FedEx mail
FedEx plane mail bomb simulation
FedEx plane mail bomb simulation
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