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September 2, 2016
EDDM Design Examples

Mailing Design Needs

All EDDM mail pieces need the entire mailing label regarding “top one half” regarding the mailpiece. Orientation of the label (i.e., whether it is applied on the lengthy or quick region of the piece) will not matter. The most truly effective half the piece is always the quickest end. See examples below for precise placement.

Acceptable EDDM Retail Mailing Label Alternatives

For retail entry at a post-office, make use of the address “Local Postal Buyer” for several energetic deliveries residential and business). As portrayed inside examples below, all mailpieces must consist of ECRWSS in the address area or within or underneath the permit indicia.

EDDM Retail Indicia

EDDM Retail has its own indicia; see image at right. Or you could use your present permit indicia.

Concept of a set

Flat-sized post pieces must adapt to these guidelines:


with four square corners or completed corners that do not surpass a radius of 1/8 inch. (A square is recognized as a rectangle.)

Be among following:

more than 10 1/2 inches long
significantly more than 6 inches high
more than ¼ -inch dense

Cannot be

above 15 inches in length
12 inches tall
3/4-inch thick


To-be considered an appartment, a mail piece must surpass just one associated with the letter measurement maximums but be within the level maximums, otherwise its a parcel. To find out more, see DMMR 601.1, Mail capability: General Standards, and DMM 301.1, Commercial Flats: Actual Criteria for Flats.
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