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May 2, 2016
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I don’t see my industry in the list above. Do you not offer EDDM for my industry?
Definitely not. Because of EDDM’s extremely particular purpose – to saturate a post carrier route – it's not for all. BUT, it totally relies on whom you desire to target along with your marketing. Generally speaking, companies that offer solutions every person requires (dental hygiene, meals, automobile repair, etc.) are ideal for EDDM. Conversely, companies that provide niche products/services (for example. high-end real estate, trombone cleaning, etc.) generally don’t fare aswell with saturation mailings and may improve outcomes with a targeted subscriber list.

Can I use my present postcard design for EDDM?
More often than not, yes! EDDM has its own collection of demands that a postcard must satisfy, but it typically isn’t a challenge. So we can invariably edit a postcard design to ensure it meets the criteria. No biggie.

Could I ask that particular details NOT get my postcard?

Nope. But that’s the USPS’s guideline, perhaps not ours. If you'd like a custom-tailored, targeted email list, we could enable you to get one.

Can’t I Actually Do EDDM myself?

Yes, the USPS set up EDDM to ensure that when you get post pieces produced you can setup your mailing and deliver it to the post-office your self. There are many needs regarding sorting the pieces and completing documents. We can do these for you personally if you send through united states, or we are able to direct you on the best way to do them your self if you’d choose that choice.

What's the distinction between Every Door direct-mail Retail and EDDM BMEU?

EDDM Retail will not require a mailing permit, it is limited to standard flats (postcards) and enables no more than 5, 000 pieces a day. EDDM BMEU (company Mail Entry Unit) requires a bulk-mailing license, but enables a tad bit more flexibility when it comes to exactly what do be mailed.

What is the distinction between EDDM and bulk mail?

Basically, EDDM is bulk post. The essential difference between EDDM and regular direct-mail is that EDDM must be mailed to each and every address on a mail carrier’s route, whereas typical direct mail can be tailored with specialized mailing lists.

What's the projected EDDM delivery time?

The USPS estimates the delivery time for standard direct mail become 3-10 days, nevertheless they try not to guarantee this screen. They start thinking about any such thing after 14 days to be belated.

What is the per Door direct-mail minimum purchase?

The minimum mailing for EDDM is 200 pieces and also at least one complete company course. Put another way, a mailing of 200 that only makes up 70% of 1 provider course would not be appropriate; a mailing to a total post service course of 58 details would additionally not be acceptable.

Where may I get the EDDM types?

See the Every Door direct-mail User Guide for all type information.

Am I able to deliver Every Door Direct Mail postcards with magnets?

Negative. The postcards will never fit inside the required proportions.

What is the normal per Door direct-mail response rate?

There is no way to accurately anticipate an answer price, unless you are using your very own previous results. Every campaign is significantly diffent. The key is to measure your return on the investment (ROI). If you make more money than you spent on the promotion, declare it a success!

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