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February 17, 2013
CIGNA Homeowner s Insurance
In our agency we use a multi faceted approach that works rather well:

Internet leads generated by means of my websites. (We do not purchase leads, all developed organically from my sites)

Recycled leads. (Telemarketing)

Referral lead generation.

Online marketing has the highest ROI. (7-1, every dollar invested generates 7 in commissions... As a disclaimer there was a rather large start up price to get it going.)

Direct-mail marketing absolutely does not work, yet tons of insurance agents still use it.

We do use direct-mail postcards and letters to follow up with those who had requested quotes.

The key to success in this day and age is to become a clever marketer.

Guerrilla marketing is a term that was coined years ago but it has application today, if you have an idea, map it out and implement it, and see what happens!

At great expense we have developed an online referral portal for Real estate agents and property management companies, we are considering allowing other agents to use it in states in which we do not market. (We write in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan)

If you are an active insurance Agency owner in a state that's not listed I would be willing to allow you to use the system as a beta tester.

This system will not work if you are aggressively waiting for the phones to ring, and do not invest money in marketing.

However that being said, My affiliation marketing system has great Potential for fantastic production for Both personal lines and commercial lines insurance, particularly if you insure commercial buildings and real estate.

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Direct Mail Workshop
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